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It's a New Year! No, really... in November.

Hear me out…

For most people, they see the perfect time to reevaluate their life and make changes as the New Year, or maybe spring. For me, it’s November 1st.

All year, I look forward to Halloween. The cider mills and pumpkin patches, the horror movie marathons and haunted hayrides - it’s my favorite time of year! So when it’s over, I feel like the calendar just flips over. In reality, there are still two whole months left and that is plenty of time to make changes.

So today is the day I look at my past ten months and see how far I’ve come. Well, this year has straight-up sucked. I suddenly lost my source of income, struggled to adjust, ended a relationship, and struggled to adjust yet again. It’s been a true struggle financially, mentally, emotionally and physically.

I’ve been to doctors to get everything under control and learn better ways to manage everything that’s going on. It’s really opened my eyes to a lot of different ways to cope with the seemingly never-ending roller coaster I’ve been through - in the last six months especially.

To kick it all off, today starts a new health journey. I have a new personal blender for breakfast smoothies, rather than my regular carb-heavy breakfasts. I’m {finally} putting to use that gym membership I pay monthly for. Until I can afford another yoga class package, I’m back to at-home yoga on the smart TV. I am also taking a deep look at my career path and looking to being open to other opportunities that can allow me to use my passion, enhance my skills and challenge me.

Additionally, I am continuing to take care of myself on the outside. I’m forever grateful to my hairstylist (Mallory), nail tech (Lindsay) and estheticians (Roza and Kelsey) for keeping me radiant on the outside.

It’s an on-going process and I have had to realize that it will continue to be that way. There is no magic fix to suddenly make all the struggling cease. You can only learn to roll with the punches and adjust accordingly. For me, the biggest challenge is letting go and realizing there may not always be a set plan for everything. Letting go of such a tight grip on the control has been difficult, but I have an amazing support system of friends and family. Even my (amazing) doctor noted how a lot of people in my situation do not have a strong support system to rely on, and that I even recognize mine is a feat in itself.

For that, I am eternally grateful and looking forward to a happy, healthy future.

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